Now Is The Time To Go From Pivot To PowerShift

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Learn The 5 Essential Power Shifts Successful Entrepreneurs Are Making Right Now So They Can Win Big In 2021 

Future Shark,

You and I have a very important choice to make...

A choice that is likely to have a profound impact on what next year looks like.

And that choice is, are you going to wait to start 2021 on Jan 1 like the rest of the world...

or do you want to join me Daymond John...

in deciding that 2021 starts now! 

And to make sure we start the year off right and in momentum...

I want to teach you one of the most important skills I have...

A skill that is largely responsible for my success...

and as we close out 2020 and enter into 2021...

I believe it's the most needed skill for entrepreneurs that want to win big in 2021...

What is this skill?

I call it the PowerShift. 

Of all the skills needed to succeed as an entrepreneur...

None might be as an important as being able to PowerShift, especially in the times we are living in right now...

And that's I knew now was the right time to do something I have never done before.

And that is to to teach my Power Shift process to Tens Of Thousands of hungry entrepreneurs live for 5 days and for absolutely free...

and show you the the places and give you the exact steps you can take right now to Power Shift your life and business into the next gear.

My team and I searched for the best way to deliver the absolute most amount of value to you  and quickly it became obvious that the way I could best serve you was to invite you to the FREE 5 Day Power Shift 2021 Challenge starting Dec 7th. 

To ensure that we absolutely delivered an incredible experience I have brought in the 8-Figure Online Entrepreneur and The Challenge Expert himself Pedro Adao, to help create and deliver a best-in-class experience for you and the thousands of other entrepreneurs that will be joining us in the 5 Day FREE PowerShift 2021 Challenge.

By The End Of This Challenge You Will Discover:

1. How to identify and harness the power of the PowerShift.

2. The 5 Essential PowerShifts To Make Now Put Your Life and Business Into Overdrive going into 2021.

3. Who your ideal target market should be...

4. What product/service are they already wanting to buy from you...


5. How to launch grow or scale to seven-figures and beyond with the most effective modern-day marketing strategies being used by elite marketers and entrepreneurs today.

Again, I have never trained on PowerShift this way before but I am very excited about what Pedro and I have planned to bring to you and I think you are going to be so happy you chose to join us.

Hit the button below and register for this free challenge while registration is still open.

To your success,

Daymond John
The People's Shark

Time Sensitive: Do not miss this incredibly unique 5-day live and highly-interactive learning experience where you will get personally mentored from the people's shark Daymond John.

The challenge starts December 7th and will help you discover the essential Power Shifts you can make right now to win big in 2021.

And just for showing up and doing the daily assignments you could win one of these incredible prizes. 

Your Host and Mentors

Daymond John

- 3x New York Times Best-Selling Author

- Investor on ABC's Shark Tank for the past 10 years

- Founder and CEO of FUBU, a $6 Billion Fashion game changer

Pedro Adao

- 8-Figure Entrepreneur and Founder of the 100X Academy, The #1 Training Program and Community For Kingdom Entrepreneurs

- The Go-To Industry Expert For Online Challenges and Creator Of Crush It With Challenges  

- Chart-Topping Affiliate Marketer

"Daymond is a freaking money-making machine! He can take any entrepreneur and put them on the road to success. I love working with him because of his incredible knowledge of branding and marketing."

- Grant Cardone

"Daymond John is a powerhouse thought-leader. He's incredibly wise. Whenever I am in his presence, i'm inspired to up my game. That is what makes his leadership so powerful."

 - Marie Forleo

"Out of all the legends I’ve had the pleasure to meet and collaborate with, Daymond is definitely the most special. His marketing and branding skills are above and beyond."

- Billy Gene

"Pedro Is friend That Shows Up and Serves His Clients at the highest level. He has taken online challenges to a whole new level, the modern era" 

Dean Graziosi

"It's absolutely incredible what Pedro has been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time" 

Russell Brunson

"Pedro broke down his challenge model for Roland Frasier and I...Dude is super smart" 

Ryan Deiss 
Digital Marketer

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